5 Reasons to Add Mobile to your Marketing Mix

May 22, 2012 | Posted by

Mobile is exploding. So why are so many marketers still hesitant about jumping on the mobile bandwagon?  Here are 5 reasons why you should give serious consideration to this growing channel:

1. Mobile penetration is on the rise

The proof is in the numbers. No matter which study you look at, mobile penetration and usage are growing. In 2012, comScore reported 234 million Americans (age 13 and older) used mobile devices [source]. Last year, smartphone penetration reached 32.2% in the US and 32.8% in Canada [source], with these numbers only projected to increase.

2. Mobile provides one-to-one access

Mobile devices are becoming so commonplace that many people feel lost without them. Most users are attached at the hip to their phones during the day. And two-thirds of American adults even admit to sleeping with their cell phones on, or right next to their beds [source]. This shows there’s no better way to reach consumers directly 24×7.

3. Mobile offers increased brand visibility

A lacking mobile presence equals missed opportunities for brands. More than four million consumers use their mobile devices to find information on products and services. Plus, search volumes are growing at a rate that is four times faster than online [source]. The upshot is that mobile offerings give brands a chance to get in front of consumers anytime, anywhere.

4. Mobile generates high conversion

It has become a habitual, even obsessive behavior for some, to check their mobile devices continuously. This means mobile messages have a higher chance of being read. 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of delivery and the recipient eventually reads more than 99% of all text messages [source]. Plus, mobile’s geo-targeting ability means marketers can reach consumers with real-time ads that are contextually relevant to their location in order to boost response.

5. Mobile is still uncluttered

With many marketers still overlooking mobile marketing opportunities, this is a great way for brands to take advantage of competitors’ conspicuous absence and grab market share from mobile users. According to Gartner, mobile spending will only reach 4% of the global advertising budget by 2015 [source]. Considering the exploding growth of mobile, the estimated low commitment to advertising in this vehicle indicates an opportunity for savvy mobile marketers to leverage this uncluttered medium.

The bottom line? There’s still time to take advantage of mobile to get noticed. So, what are you waiting for?

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