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Inbox Marketer is a Digital Direct Messaging firm that helps organizations use email, mobile, social media and the web to build online communities of customers and prospects. We offer technologies and services that make it easier for digital marketers to integrate their communications across all digital channels and measure the response that takes place across each communication touch point.

Founded in 2002, Inbox Marketer began as an Email marketing company and then steadily expanded into the other addressable channels as they emerged - Mobile, Social and Web. This combined service offering provides our clients with the ability to communicate with their customers via the channels most relevant to them and to coordinate this messaging. We call this process unified messaging to addressable media.

Unified messaging: The strategy, discipline and process of engaging customers across digital channels. It requires both Contact and Content Strategy. We help you answer the questions: What do I say? Whom do I say it to? Under what set of circumstances, and over which digital channels?

Addressable media: This is any digital channel where the device has a unique return address i.e. Email address, Mobile number (texting) and Social. Increasingly, this will include the Browser as IP addresses become fixed; and even your Set Top Box as TV services go digital.

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